There is no greater feeling than hosting one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Nothing else can compare to the extent of what the FIFA World Cup does. The effect one tournament has in uniting the world to watch a game is unreal. People feel a strong sense of love for their country when players go out on the grass-field and represent them in the game of Football (soccer). It almost has ambassador status. So to be given a privilage to host the even is a great honor.

It’s something any country would be proud to do. Any nation would love to have a utopiaic celebration for one month in their country. Look for yourself at the memories and happiness a host nation’s people feel every four years. Let’s also not forget the other benfits of host the World Cup. The revenue will be a plus for a country. I sincerely can’t find a downside to hosting the greatest tournament alive.

All those reasons are why it’ll be good for Canada to host the 2026 (or 2030) World Cup. The Canadians already had the opportunity of hosting other events suchs as the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and the latest 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I’m sure the buzz those cities and everywhere across the country was electric. The fact only one city makes a whole nation excited can mean potential for a bigger event. Imagine the all of Canada equaly rooting for their National Team from east to west.

Even if you’re not a big fan of Association Football/Soccer, you might get a bug for the passion and intensity of the tournament. People from all over the world, of different cultures, backgrounds, being welcomed to share the experience. Canada being a country of many cultures sure will gladly accept. The USA was an example in 1994, the boom was evident. It hosted probably one of the best World Cup in North America. It began with Mexico making history twice, the USA after, and next is Canada.

In FIFA’s eyes Canada is a great new territory to host it. Many new people will dire to see the World’s greatest event. You Cannucks, along with the Canadian Soccer Association, have got to let FIFA know that you want to be apart of sporting history. To let them know you’re ready to become the bestest hosts for the beautiful game. Make the effort and believe.

I am American and it inspired me to want Canada as a World Cup. The reason being is I saw the same vision that happened in 1994 come alive in the Great North. So sign this petition and say you want the 2026 or 2030 World Cups in your country:

I Want the World Cup in Canada

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